76 2mm Model 1942

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Eastern Front - Uncommon - 14/60


Anti-tank guns are usually not a good idea, but this one isn't as bad as others. For 9 points (just one more than the ZIS anti-tank gun) you get Sherman AV values with range 10, plus some decent AI as well. Though not overpowering, this piece will make some Panzers think twice about their move and also bring a little fire support versus infantry. However, it has the usual weak 3/3 artillery defense, and Relocate 1. Granted, Relocate isn't used that often, but when you need to move, you really need to move, and that extra hex granted by Relocate 2 can be big. The Model 1942 gun may not be a competitive option due to its vulnerability, but it does what it's supposed to well and I would take it any day over the ZIS anti-tank gun

Plastic Figure Notes:

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