A6M2 N Rufe

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

V - Common - 29/39



The most recent Updates and Clarifications document confirms that the Rufe can base on the map-edge if there are no islands. This makes it a safe buy, which provides air-cover and interceptor every turn for 8 points. Certainly two A6M2s provide tougher and more flexible air cover, but they not only cost 50% more, they also consume two land airbase slots. An A6M2+Shoho is quite vulnerable and costs even more. The Rufe provides a viable "poor-man's" alternative to these popular air defense schemes.

No escort and low AA. Does nothing at all, except fly every turn (which, when it doesn't help your bombers and can't take down, or even abort, enemy aircraft, is pointless). Use the points in some other way…

Plastic Figure Notes:

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