Admiral Hipper

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force -Rare - 33/60




The Admiral Hipper is a bargain at 16 points. Good gunnery at range 4, strong anti-air for a cruiser, secondaries, and a bonus against destroyers and auxiliaries, all make this an excellent supporting cruiser. Use her in tandem with a Scheer or Graf Spee to dominate almost any cruiser duel. Keep her away from battleships and use the torpedoes as a last resort to maximize her usefulness and survivability. As with all the German Cruisers, pick your fights carefully as an armor of 4 makes any range 3 or closer fight a very risky proposition.

Hipper is still a great ship by itself, but in comparison to its sisters, Blucher and Prinz Eugen, it's stuck in the middle. For one point more you can get Eugen with all the bells and whistles, or save a point and get Blucher with a flag rating. However, if all you have is Hipper, you've still got an excellent heavy cruiser.

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