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Condition Zebra - Uncommon - 33/40



The Agano is a very solid, and fairly unique unit that requires a little perspective to appreciate. It combines excellent anti-destroyer capabilities, an ASW rating, long lance torps, and a solid anti-air. Don't think of this a baby cruiser, but instead as the ultimate destroyer. Don't think of the ASW rating as being weak, but instead use its presence to penalize enemy subs. Don't see its main guns as being sub-par for a cruiser, but instead as a destroyer type platform with range three guns.

There is one set of stats that make the Agano a little weak… and that is its armor/vital. While I'd love to say "think of it as a hull 3 destroyer" this still is worth 13 points (more than the average destroyer). Compared to Italian cruisers of similar or lower costs it is a fragile gal (not saying don't take it, just pointing out that you need to be aware of deficits in the unit).

Agano isn't a bad ship, but I think that comparison with the many destroyers the Japanese have at their disposal reveals that the Agano isn't the best buy. Agano, both in cost and ability, is like a big destroyer, and compared with destroyers has an extra hull point, more armor and higher (and longer range) guns. But the Japanese 'attacking' destroyers (Isokaze, Shigure, Murasame) have significantly higher torpedo ratings of 3/3/2/1, and all of them have lower costs. But destroyers also have a hidden defensive advantage over cruisers (like Agano). Battleship main guns shooting at destroyers only count on a six (and would have to hit 7 with only sixes to kill a destroyer vs 8 with sixes/fives/fours to kill Agano). Also, Agano can take hits at extended range which destroyers are immune too. Without a nifty SA, I just don't think Agano is worth an extra point or two over the destroyers in the Japanese arsenal.

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