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Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Rare - 50/64


Akagi was the oldest large Japanese aircraft carrier in commission when World War II began. Originally a battlecruiser, the treaties forced Japan to convert her to an aircraft carrier. Though the original design was not the greatest, she had an extensive refit in the mid 1930s. Japanese aircraft carrier doctrine was developed on her decks including many Japanese leaders like one of her captains, Irosoku Yamamoto. Akagi served as flagship of the First Air Fleet, which rampaged across the Pacific for nearly six months. She struck at Pearl Harbor and the Indian Ocean before being hit by a lucky bomb at Midway. While damaged, Akagi's poor damage control ultimately lead to her to be abandoned and scuttled.


Akagi was one of the oldest carriers in the world by the time WWII started (and Japan's most expensive warship until the Yamato class). She also was a testbed for Japanese aviation techniques being rebuilt extensively in the mid 1930s. She was flagship of the Kido Butai during the first six months of World War II. She was fast, well protected and carries three squadrons. Akagi has three SAs that add a great dimension to fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. On the downside, Akagi is the most expensive Japanese carrier.

Nice flagship, does everything well, if you think you'll end up in gun range this will fare better than the other Japanese carriers. Similar to the Saratoga.

Decent carrier, though there are units that will probably prove more useful… Kaga brings stronger guns, more Hull Points, and, in my opinion, superior SA's, at the same price, and Soryu brings Expert Dogfighter 2 and Surpise Raid at just 20 points. Still, with three separate SA's to boost your aircraft, tough armor, good guns, and being the only Jap carrier with a flag of 2, this is a very solid carrier that is worth considering.

This is the IJN version of Enterprise, the "hero" carrier if you will. Has all three Expert SAs (Torpedoes, Bombs and Dogfighter) on a tough hull with Capacity-3. It's only drawbacks are its relatively-high cost, and its vulnerability to late-war US air (due to AA 7).

Crissie's Critiques
The Akagi is the Japanese equivalent to the USS Saratoga in that she is a capacity-3 carrier that can also fight it out with lightly armoured cruisers and destroyers. Her highlight is, aside from the guns, the fact that she fields all three Expert bonuses which means she can support any combination of aircraft you would like to use with her. Compared to her very similar sister ship, the Kaga, she trades a hull point and a die or two (depending on range) off of her secondary armament for a flag rating of two. The abilities on each ship are different as well, Kaga's Sneak Attack boosts torpedo bombers heavily about one in 5 turns, but Kaga has no Expert Dogfighter ability. In the end both carriers provide great abilities to boost your air as well as being durable ships that can survive on the front line due to their guns, which one you take will be entirely situational, just watch out for, due to the abilities and guns, the 27 point price tag. CC Rating: A

Plastic Figure Notes:


One of the best sculpts with one of the best paint jobs. Really fantastic piece. Wish they were all this good!

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