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Set V - Rare - 3/39


Algerie was a French heavy cruiser. It was armed with eight 203 mm guns mounted in four twin turrets, and a number of secondary guns. She was present during the Royal Navy's search of the pocket-battleship Admiral Graf Spee .

Afterwards, the Algerie linked up with the battleship Bretagne and escorted the delivery of French gold to friendly ports. When war was declared on the Italians, the heavy cruiser shelled Genoa. Before the French defeat, Algerie was later found escorting convoys.

After the French government collapsed, the Algerie was briefly in service with Vichy France. However, the invasion of the Germans forced the remaining French warships to commence scuttling measures. Algerie was scuttled along with many other ships that day.

On the 18th of March, 1943, the wreck of the Algerie was raised by the Italians and scrapped.




Algerie is a kick ass unit! It compares very favorably to the Suffren (which already compared favorably against the already solid Gloire). For just one point extra, you get improved AA, armor, vital armor, a flag and Torpedo Protection. The only cost to it is you loose one torpedo dice at range one. A trade well worth it!

Algerie is also the cheapest allied armor 5 cruiser available, and because she has a torpedo armament, she compares nicely to the solid sixteen point American cruisers (USS Quincy, USS San Francisco, USS Cleveland).


A good unit, the Algerie, a nice cruiser! Excellent Spotting is a great SA.

Everything you could ask for in a 15-point cruiser save for extended range. Strong mains? Check. How about secondaries to go along with those? Check. Armor five? Check. Great AA and torpedoes? Check. A flag bonus, Excellent Spotting, and a nifty torpedo ability? Check, check, and check. Algerie is flat-out amazing, and should be any self-respecting French build.

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