Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

First Strike - N/A - 4/72


The Alsace-class battleships were planned to succeed and enlarge the Richelieu class. The design planned for an improved Richelieu design with three triple or quadruple 380mm turrets (two fore, one aft). Six names were proposed, and two had to be chosen from this list: Alsace, Normandie, Flandre, Bourgogne; two more units were not given names. The laying down of the lead ship of the class, Alsace, was planned for 1941; with the Fall of France in 1940, none of the ships were built.


Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Almost an Iowa-copy, though with lower gunnery cores and 8 AA instead of 9. Excellent spotting presumably always expects a player will build their fleet around triggering it, and raises the die levels of the main gunnery so that it is just under Iowa. Overall, at 2 points lower than Iowa, Iowa is probably better, but Alsace is close enough to its true cost that it is perfectly playable. Among the many desires in our community is for each nation to have their own 6 hull battleship, and that’s the role that Alsace fills in the French fleet. I doubt most scenario and historical gamers will be impressed with Alsace. The piece clearly appeals the most toward powergamers that play similar to the way we conduct tournaments online. More general red versus blue gamers will prefer Iowa or Montana to Alsace. Overall Grade: C. Why? We’ve seen this before and it really isn’t all that original, and appeals to a fairly small cross-section of players.

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