Anti Tank Grenadier

Stat Card


Set - Rarity- Number

Set 2- Common- 44/45
Eastern Front- Common-56/60


During the initial stages of Operation Barbarossa, the standard Romanian infantry man had no personal Anti tank weapons. Out of a need to train infantry in AT (anti tank) tactics, the Germans supplied observers to teach this fine art. Hence the AT Grenadier. These were highly trained individuals using Grenade bundles and TNT on recognized weak spots on enemy tanks to disable them. They often hid and waited for tanks to pass then pounce on them with AT grenades. These were normally two man teams one armed with a sub machine gun and the other a pistol and grenades.
This is a welcome unit in the Romanian army, mixed with other infantry these units can win battles for you. Tactics include Infantry rush (an attempt to swamp the objective with infantry) which will work against a armour heavy force. This unit has a lower AI (anti infantry) value so you need to be care against infantry heavy armies. 4 points makes this unit a valuable addition and mxed with Transport this becomes a real barrier to enemy armour.

Plastic Figure Notes:


This model appears in two sets (see above). Basically this model is almost totally incorrect. Firstly the model depicts the figure throwing the AT grenade. That is silly as the grenades needed to be placed on recognised weak points and throwing such a heavy bungle of grenades would be difficult and probably bounce off the tank they are trying to attack. Secondly these men didn't carry bulky equipment and rarely if ever carried rifles also depicted. The team (2 men) were armed with pistols and SMGs for close quarter work, no rifles. Quality of paint work declined in the eastern front set (right), so if you are puchasing online try to secure set 2 versions ( The card looks nicer too).

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