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V - Common - 25/39


RB's V Opening Salvos #2 (updated by nrnstraswa)
Italy’s Gabbiano-class corvettes were small, cheap anti-submarine escorts designed to meet the ever-growing need for convoy protection. Laid down in the middle of the war, they didn’t begin to enter service until late 1942. They were armed with a single 4-inch gun forward, plus a number of 20mm AA guns, a couple of torpedo tubes, and depth charge throwers—a reasonably capable armament for a small escort. Many of the Gabbianos remained in service long after the war’s end.

Antilope first saw action in the waters off North Africa, protecting convoys reinforcing the Axis bridgehead in Tunisia. She helped to foil an attack by British motor torpedo boats on the night of 15 February 1943 near Marettimo, but Italy’s part as a member of the Axis was drawing to a close. Like many of her sisters, Antilope was seized by the Germans after the Italian surrender. She was recommissioned as Uj6082 (unterseebootjäger or subhunter 6082), and operated in the waters off northern Italy and southern France. She was sunk on the morning of 17 August 1944 by the destroyer USS Endicott in a very unequal contest fought off La Ciotat.


RB's V Opening Salvos #2

Antilope is comparable to the Canadian HMCS Sackville or the Japanese Type 13 subchaser. It’s not going to kill destroyers or shoot down dive bombers, but what it can do is provide a cheap boost to your fleet’s ASW capability with its Sub Hunter ability, and it can sacrifice itself for the sake of an auxiliary such as a transport or freighter thanks to Guard the Convoy. Compared to the other vessels in the cheap escort category, Antilope retains a token Torpedo attack and possesses a decent ASW value. Her biggest drawbacks are her single hull point and her speed of 1; anything that bothers to shoot at her is going to sink her, but if she gets a chance to harass a submarine or divert an attack from a more important unit, Antilope’s done her job.

All true. As of Set 5 however, the RM has no Auxiliary units to guard. (would you guard the Atlantis ? maybe the Nordmark) An interesting unit for convoy scenarios, you might want to have either 0 of these in your RM fleet, or half a dozen. HMNZS Leander still wins the prize for being the most useful combat ship that can Guard the convoy, even the IJN Matsu has more muscle. Both of those have speed 2.

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