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Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Rare - 28/40


Had it been built, the Aquila(means Eagle in Italian) would have been Italy's first aircraft carrier. It was converted from the liner Roma.

The planned airwing was to be 51 Re 2001 CB fighter-bombers.

The Italian armistice halted all work on Aquila, however the Germans seized the ship, forcing Italian frogmen to scuttle Aquila at its moorings.

Finally the Italian carrier was scrapped in 1952.


Coupled with the Re 2001, and the Stuka (Italian/German), the Aquila gives the Italians a great deal more in terms of anti-air options. With the Re2001, the player can decide with to use it as a bomber or fighter, potentially surprising the opponent.
The Aquila itself is a good carrier with good SAs.

The lack of a dedicated and cost effective Interceptor would normally be a disadvantage, but with a class limit of 1, the Aquila can't serve all needs, or even mount an every turn strike force of 3-4 bombers and escort. There are also no torpedo planes to launch from the Aquila deck, but with no Torpedo bonus and the Powerful Sparviero, the RM is most often satisfied with basing stukas or the multi role Re.2001. Using the Expert Dogfighter SA from the Aquila to improve the striking power of a defensive, landbased (or based on another carrier) Bf-109 or D.520 is often the most effective use of this SA - something to consider for the euroaxis (not Italy only) player.

Grouping the Aquila with the Graf Zeplin or even Bearn begins to pile up several Expert Bomber SA's, and provides best synergy and options for units. Aquila with Stukas is even a good plan for an almost all German build.

If you don't have enough room at the air base for your Sparvieros and Folgores, you may take this with some 109s so you don't have to take as many Folgores, and can fit more Sparvieros. Other than that, it's okay to put the Re 2001 or the Picchiatelli on here.

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candy stripe fan-tail ! not something you'll see anywhere else.

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