Arisaka Rifle

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Base Set - Common - 44/48
1939-1945 - Common - 54/60



The Arisaka Rifle forms the backbone of any Japanese infantry-based army, and considering the weak armour options available to Japan, an infantry-based army will likely prove to be the army of choice for any Japanese player. The Arisaka's single greatest advantage over the basic infantry of other nations is its Hand-to-Hand 12 value; an attack which allowed for deadly efficiency against enemy units in close quarters (even in cover, as per the wording of the SA). This close combat advantage, especially when combined with the Arisaka's weak 5 dice at medium range, means that a Japanese player must attempt to take advantage of cover to advance as quickly as possible towards enemy infantry while taking as few casualties as possible. Only upon coming into short range, or preferably Hand-to-Hand, conflict with an army of Arisakas, (combined with a sprinking of Commanders, and SNLF Fanatics), will one begin to inflict serious casualties upon enemy infantry.

One must recognize that although the WoTC AAM development team has missed opportunities to add historical flavour to AAM units (the Type 97 Te Ke Tankette, Azad Hind Fauj Infantrymen, and Owen SMG come to mind here), they have done an excellent job in creating the Arisaka Rifle (its historical flavour being described above). Thus, in conclusion, the Arisaka Rifle is a historically accurate piece which any Japanese player should collect in significant quantities.

Plastic Figure Notes:


The plastic model of the Arisaka Rifle is quite good, with an excellent level of detail for this scale in both mold and paint. The figure is posed with his rifle pointing upwards, perhaps in preparation of aiming for a shot or even to bayonet an enemy soldier at close range. There is no noticeable difference in quality between the Base Set and 1939-1945 versions, and so a Japanese player could purchase either on the secondary market.

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