Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Rare - 22/40



Same stats as the HMS Royal Oak (they are sister ships after all), except -1 to secondary gun values and Inactivity. Skip it and go for the Royal Oak. If you do have to use it, fire a salvo at a destroyer or light cruiser to shake off Inactivity and bring her as quickly into battle as the Slow 3 allows her to.

Keep in mind that her SA states that it is the first Main Gunnery attack, so using its secondary or tertiary guns won't do anything. Anyhow, I like this ship. Good guns and armor. Inactivity isn't a big deal, only one die (I was mistaken, -1 on each die; that actually is somewhat significant).

comment by Tych: Inactivity costs you -1 on each die, not one die.

Tincancaptain: (after Condition Zebra)
Finally a real battleship for the Soviets not a glorified heavy cruiser. Slow 3 means she's a slug but at least the gunnery, AA, and armor are all up to BB standards. Inactivity is humorous. 8.5/10

Plastic Figure Notes:

Same sculpt as HMS Royal Oak.

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