Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Common - 28/40



Ascari is a nice little destroyer that costs less than an MTB and has Smoke. Gunnery and AA are not strong so either treat them as disposable or pair them with a lager ship with better AA to protect them. If they survive long enough and get to range 0 they have two torps.

This unit is a must have for any RM fleet builder, and in massive quantities (6 is not too many !), as it is the easiest way to get smoke on the board. With ships like the T 27, or Milan you mind find yourself tempted to not pop smoke, and make an attack instead. the Ascari is a weak (thus cheap) enough unit that you can stay on task: make smoke.

IF you happen to find yourself on top of a sub, rolling ASW is always an option, this 5 asw with no skills or SA's makes it a back up to the Pegaso, but a better unit than the larger, 8 cost Navigatori class ships that have 3 and 4 ASW ratings.

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