Australia (WAS)

The Australian Navy at the start of the war comprised of:

County class heavy cruiser:
Australia 1927
Canberra 1927

Modified Leander class light cruiser:
Sydney 1934
Hobart 1934
Perth 1934

Town class light cruiser:
Adelaide 1918

Grimsby class sloop:
Yarra 1935
Swan 1936

And 5 Destroyers which came to be known as the "Scrap Iron Flotilla"
Stuart 1918
Voyager 1918
Vampire 1917
Vendetta 1917
Waterhen 1918

In 1942 HMS Shropshire was transferred to the RAN following the loss of HMAS Canberra.

3 Tribal class destroyers were built by australia during the war (Arunta, Warramunga, Bataan), and 7 sloops (4 of which were for the Indian navy) in addition to over 50 smaller vessels.

Also of note were the 5 british destroyers of the N class and 5 Q Class, transferred to the RAN but which served with the Royal Navy.
Quiberon 42
Quickmatch 42
Quadrant 45
Queensborough 45
Quality 45

Many other ships were used also of note those including
Bathurst Class (56 vessels)
Grimsby Class Sloops (4 vessels)
River Class Frigates ( 6 vessels)

The Royal Australian Airforce employed amongst others:
CAC Boomerang
Bristol Beaufighter
Bristol Beaufort light/torpedo bomber
Hawker Hurricane
Supermarine Spitfire
Brewster Buffalo
Curtis P40 Kittyhawk
Consolidated B-24 Liberator
NAA/CAC P-51 Mustang

Heavy Cruisers:

Light Cruisers:


Patrol Bombers:


Stat Table:

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