Autoblinda AB41

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

North Africa - Uncommon - 51/60
Combat Zone - Promotional
Early War - Uncommon - 41/50

Historical Background

The Autoblinda AB41 which came into production in early 1941, not only came with a new armament (one 20 mm high-velocity antitank gun, one coaxial 8mm Breda modello 1938 Mg, and another relocated to the rear of the hull), and later a new SPA engine was needed to cope with the additional weight of the turret, producing 120 horsepower. This extra power not only permitted to maintain the speed, but its higher torque provided also a better off-road capacity. Most AB 41 received this new engine in the mid-1942. The complicated four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering system needed a rear driver, manning with the front dirver six forward gears and four reverse gears. It was never really practical in operations. All AB 41 were fitted with a good radio and a tall, folded antenna, to be used as scout vehicles. They proved highly valuable in desert operations.

They were also other flows : The rear powerplant was difficult to access, the fuel tank was unprotected, and there was no separation between the crew and the engine compartment, making the interior noisy and very hot, despite extra ventilation to cope with the climate in italian colonies. Eventually, the turret inherited from the L6/40 tank was a one-man turret, the commander beeing also the loader of both the 20mm and its coaxial Mg. Provision was 2600 rounds. The Autoblinda AB 41 however, was considered successful and 550 were built, until the Italians surrendered. Many saw service later under German colors.

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