B 239

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

V - Common - 19/39


The B-239, or the Finnish varient of the American-built Brewster Buffalo, is one of Finland's most famous aircraft. The type saw service in the Continuation War waged between Finland and the Soviet Union.
With some modifications including a new engine and better guns, the Brewster achieved many victories in the skies. A stark contrast to the Brewster's performance in the Pacific against the nimble A6M2 Zeke.

However, when improved Soviet fighters rose to meet the B-239, losses mounted, as the plane was reaching obsolency. As such, German built BF-109s began to replace the B-239. However the Brewster was still around at the end of the Continuation war.

When the agreement ending the war with the Soviets was reached, The Finns were now pitted against its former ally Germany. The last major action of the Brewster fighter in Finnish service was the interception of a group of Stukas bound to attack a Finnish convoy.


For the Axis player, you would be looking to use this unit as an interceptor, and would be taking it over the Bf109 for the 2 point savings, or based on the fact you may actually have this units (as it came out in SET V) and don't have a Bf109. At 6aa, this unit wont hit much, but is better at fleet defense than a C.202 (same cost) while inferior to the 6 cost D.502 and 7 cost Bf109. Deploying a single B-239 Buffalo to a semi vital sector as an opening placement might not be such a good play, if that is the sector that gets swarmed, you will be gaining no additional attacks by adding just 1 more plane (you are giving up swarm tactics). this might be a great play, however, at least to frustrate your opponents escorting fighter: 2 buffalo = 2 air defense rolls, 1 buffalo = 2 air defense rolls - so hitting one wont matter.

Having a few of these spread out is not such a bad plan, you will get 2 attacks out of it most of the time, unless facing f4u's or hellcats sent to kill it. Taking 4 in a build as your only air and flying 2 every turn is a way to get the most out of 20 points of token air defense. Better to have an b-239 in the right position than a bf-109 out of position. Swarm tactic is the only thing that really makes this unit worth considering - to shave points off a build, I have been known to downgrade an air unit or 2 to a buffalo, most often I regret that decision.

5 points for up to two attacks of 6… I'm on the fence about this unit… I generally believe that an aircraft with just 6 AA that cannot be boosted, and no escort ability, is virtually useless in any fleet, but for just 5 points and two attacks, this may find a place occasionally. I would go with other units, but this isn't necessarily the worst choice when you have 5 points and nothing else you really have to take.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Hideously mis-sized…I actually like the stats for this unit a lot, but I never play it because it looks so dumb on the table compared to other aircraft.


Horrific mini. Still, if you fancy a challenge, try painting camo on this bad boy and then applying some microscopic decals, it's great "fun"!!

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