B239 Brewster Ace

Unit Card:

Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures card

Axis & Allies Miniatures card


Finland, Aircraft , 1941

ATT inf 8/5/-
ATT veh 3/2/-
Cost 13 points
Def 3/3
Speed A

This unit ignores the -1 penalty on each attack die when attacking Aircraft. If an enemy Aircraft is placed within four hexes of this unit, this unit may make a defensive-fire attack against it.

Aircraft are placed during the flight phase and attack during the airstrike phase. Units attacking Aircraft use their anti-Soldier attacks and get –1 on each attack die.

Steely Resolve 2
An attack must beat this unit’s defense by 2 or more in order to score two hits against it.

Set - Rarity - Number

Bandits High 3/31

Historical Background:

The Finnish Air Force produced 36 Buffalo aces. The top scorer was Capt. Hans H. Wind with 39 Buffalo air victories (out of 75); second was WO Eino Ilmari Juutilainen, with 34 (out of 94) and third highest score was Capt. Jorma Karhunen (25.5 out of 31.5). First Lt Lauri V. Nissinen also had victories on the type (22.5 out of 32.5).[5] Other non-Finnish Buffalo aces were Commonwealth pilots Geoff Fisken from the RNZAF, with six air victories, Richard Douglas Vanderfield (RAAF) with five individual kills, plus one shared, and Alfred Wattle Benjamin Clare and Maurice Henry Holder, with five victories each.

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Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures reviews

Axis & Allies Miniatures reviews

Plastic Figure Notes:

This is an Axis and Allies Air Force Miniature model. They are not the same scale as the planes in AAM but are the same scale as the tanks. The models are all very detailed and well painted.

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