B5n2 Type 97 Attack Bomber

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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Big Gain here. The new Kate costs 2 points less, rolls an extra die against carriers, and gets a bonus to search checks in the long distance game. 7VA is still flimsy, but Japan has always needed to build around their flimsy Vas when bringing planes. In 1941-42 year limited games, this Kate will see some use with the new cost. It still won’t make the Japanese air game dominant, but it will improve its chances versus the USN, and watch out for those Kates against Carriers. Powergaming Grade: B-

Between this and the Jill, these are always best used in 100 and even a 200 point games. Indeed, even higher than that, what with the extra dice against carriers and the points saved, I still find myself taking more of these than Jills in almost every game… You can almost take 4 of these for the price of 3 Jills, and you save a point on 5 of these versus 4 Jills. Assuming you get the Sneak Attack with Kaga, that means you get an extra die for 5 units as opposed to 4… The same armor, and being three points cheaper, I just can't help but find myself preferring this unit…

The SA Carrier Hunter, combined with the Kaga's Sneak Attack and Expert Torpedoes plus the Emily's shadowing and Chikuma's Scout Planes means that this unit can roll up to 8 dice torpedo attacks against Allied carriers, and 7 dice against any other surface ships. This would devastate any build, especially an air build, making this unit a fantastic addition to an IJN fleet.

Plastic Figure Notes:


The Kate gains a new paint job with a light grey body and red tail. the scheme this represents is far too advanced for factory printing, but you can get a fantastic affect using a small old brush to stipple green onto a white surface.

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