B6N2 Jill

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common - 35/40



The Jill is a great torpedo bomber. She's not an Avenger, but then nothing else is.

Always take a Jill over a Kate.

Don't be decoyed by the Harrass from a Distance SA. Yes, this is a sexy feature. But you won't often win using a 14-point aircraft to fire one torpedo per turn.

The real value of the Jill is the 8 Vital Armor. 8 VA aircraft are essential to keep up your aerial striking power through an entire game, especially against the devastating US flak. If you are flying several bombers with VA-7 against decent AA (7/8/9), one or two will likely be shot down in the first couple of turns. If this happens, your striking power will be hugely diminished (since it's often only that incremental last bomber that makes it through the flak and gets a chance to strike).

One can argue that taking any Japanese air-heavy build against the US is an uphill climb. But if you accept the challenge, you need torpedo bombers and you need 8-VA bombers, which means you need Jill. And of course buff her with an Emily.

The Jill also doubles as a competent ASW threat in a pinch, which the Kate with 2 ASW really isn't.

Finally, don't dismiss the Jill's Kamikaze Attack SA. This is a desperation play, but can come in handy to save an objective at a critical point in the battle.

Apparently, Chikuma cannot boost range 1 attacks. But that's okay; Kaga can with a roll of 10+, and I believe an Emily can, too. That's a roll of 3 from range 1… Not bad for a plane, though that's also 5 at range 0, where they can benefit from any Expert Torpedo SAs and Chikuma's ability. It is difficult to see using its range 1 attack over its range 0 attack, but it may be useful, at times, when facing powerful AA from a USN fleet…

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