Barracuda Mk II

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 9/60



The Barracuda is a personal favorite of mine. While there are clearly better torpedo bombers and dive-bombers, the Barracuda gives the ability to choose with a decent ASW rating. For 12 points these planes give you incredible flexibility and determined attack allows you to push through a cruiser or light battleships' AA (or a lucky destroyer) and there isn't a floating unit in this game that shouldn't be very worried about a Barracuda in the same hex.

Determined attack on a torpedo bomber… That's an interesting attribute.

5/7 armor isn't bad, but it isn't exactly good. The versatility is nice, and its attacks are all solid. I think 12 points is about right for this unit… Just make sure to keep it escorted and be wary of the AA8 and 9 ships.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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