Bf 109

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Task Force - Common - 34/60


The Messerschmit BF-109 was Germany's most famous fighter aircraft during WWII. A mainstay of the German Luftwaffe, it saw first saw service in the Spanish Civil War, going on to decimate the airforces of many European countries. The BF-109 was a key fighter for the Luftwaffe against France and Great Britain in the battles to come.

During WWII, it saw sevice in Europe, Russia, Africa, and in the skies above London and Berlin.

The 109 was very advanced, featuring slats built into the wing to improve manuerability. However, the fighter was unstable on the ground, due to its narrow undercarriage and landing gear assembly.

The 109 saw many upgrades and roles during the war. It featured a number of high powered cannon and machine gun configurations, in addition to bomb racks for fighter-bomber missions. Thus, the fighter remained a formidible opponent for the Allies in WWII.

However, as the impressive P-51 Mustang appeared, fighter patrols stepped up, and the lack of expert pilots became a harsh reality, the 109 came upon desperate times. As such, the 109 was used in a new role by the ZonderKommando Elbe, where the pilots would deliberately ram their planes into enemy bombers, and then bail out.

When the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin was under construction, a navalized version of the 109 was in the works: the BF-109T(Trägerflugzeug). This 109 featured arresting gear and larger wings to permit carrier landings. None of these aircraft were built.




  • In European Battles Only

The Bf-109 is the best European axis fighter aircraft by far, one of things that elevates its status is the fact that it is only 7 points, which means you can have several 109's without investing a whole of points, especially in a simple 100 point game. Lets look at its pros and cons to see why it is the best axis euro fighter in the game so far.

  • Pro:

1) It's cheap, just like i said before, the cheaper the price the more you can have
2) Its armor of 6 and vital armor of 9 ensure that the 109 will stay in the fight for a long time
and have a great chance of making it through most of your games
3) Because of the aircraft carrier GZ, you can have your fighters flying around the clock to protect your land based bombers and your vulnerable ships from enemy fighters and bomber, and to top it off the GZ gives one of your 109 an extra attack die elevating its AA to 8 increasing its already good chance of aborting enemy bombers, also once the Italian aircraft carrier Aquila appears on the scene, your 109's will have another cost effective carrier to take off from
4) Unit availability is 1939 so for those that play by year, the 109 will always be there for you, never missing a beat

  • Con:

1) Like the average fighter, its only good against fighters and bombers, although it does have one more main gunnery attack die than its competition(Martlet, Hurricane, C.202), but then again depending on how you view it, this might or might not be an actual thing considering it is just a fighter.
As you can see the 109 in WAS is a great unit, one to consider when your making either a German or even an Italian naval force

Cheap, good armor and VA, and escort. AA is okay, and with Interceptor will abort a lone U.S. bomber, but don't hope for much more than that.

Overrall, a good unit… Problem is that Germany doesn't have too many useful attack aircraft that this can escort, and the main purpose of an aircraft like this, with almost any other nation, would be to serve as an escort. Sure, they have some, but I expect this will see more use escorting sparvieros than anything else.

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