Bf 109e Ace

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Angels 20 - 3/31


The Bf109 was one of the first truly modern fighters, designed initially in the 30s as a high speed short range interceptor. The 109 remained in production from 37 to 45 with several different versions being produced, including the E, F and G presently in Angels20. More aerial kills were made with the Bf109 than with any other aircraft, with over 100 Bf109 pilots credited with 100 or more kills, thirteen scored more than 200 kills, and 2 scored over 300 kills. Finnish flow Bf109s claimed a kill ratio against the Soviets of over 25:1. The E represented a significant redesign, introducing a powerful new engine, heavier armament and increased fuel capacity, and forms one of the most important planes in our starter’s Battle of Britain scenario.


The Bf109E packs a solid and balanced maneuvering line. Turn, Roll, and Climb are all a respectable 4, allowing the German player to perform a wide variety of maneuvers with some confidence without necessarily excelling at any particular maneuver. The dive score of 5 is not nearly as impressive in the context of the game, which prioritizes nearly all three of the other maneuvering stats. A defensive score of 3-5-3 is solid, but the weaker vital score means that you must watch your Bf109Es carefully. Even an average dice shot taken from a decent angle with a positive modifier or two can prove fatal for the Bf109E. The German gunnery scores are excellent and typical of German planes. Seven dice at range 1 will frequently hit, and will certainly down a plane from the 6 o’clock position. 4 dice at range-2 can also hit if situational modifiers or an excellent angle are present. A basic speed of 2-3 is average, but somewhat limited compared to the many other German planes that move 2-4, and especially if you’re fighting a plane that has an extra movement point.

The 109E Ace stands as a counterpart to the Spitfire Ace in the starter. Both planes pack an SA that boosts initiative, and both pack the extremely useful Expert Flier SA, one of the very best SAs in the game. In contrast to the Spitfire’s SA that grants an early initiative bonus which evaporates when damage occurs, the Bf109E’s initiative bonus applies simply as long as the German planes are not outnumbered. This SA seems to encourage the German player to bring planes that will equal the Allied player’s planes, but at 100 points, it is far more feasible that the German player brings two planes. So many of the German planes cost close to 50 points that a 2 plane build is the easiest. Above 100 points, the German player can consider including one or more Bf109E Wingmen in order to ensure that the build numbers are equal. The German player also has the possibility of using their stronger fighters to quickly down enemy units, therefore triggering this SA. In addition to a much needed initiative boost, the Bf109E Ace has the useful Expert Flier SA, allowing it to perform two difficult maneuvers every turn. Finally, a somewhat situational but useful third SA is Offensive Tactics, allowing another friendly fighter to reroll an attack provided it is nearby the Bf109E. This SA is great if you’re trying to concentrate fire. In small point games, your first plane may frequently find itself without a shot, and thus this SA is more useful in larger point games when more planes will have shots and are more likely to be within the required distance from the Bf109E Ace.

Flight Builds and Tactics: The Bf109E Ace is a solid plane. Initiative bonuses are at a premium, and thus in any point contest above 100, the Bf109E probably belongs in your build and is likely the last plane you want to move so that you can ensure its safety. At 100 points, the Bf109E Ace is close to the 50 point threshold, thus you can pair it with any other plane near that threshold. Germany unfortunately has no options at present for including the Bf109E Ace with 2 additional planes, as 2 Wingman and a BF109E Ace run 110 points.

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