Bf 109f Friedrich

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Set - Number

Angels 20 - 5/31


As the war proceeded, every nation attempted to upgrade their aircraft. The Bf109F and G were upgrades from the E model, and the differences between the three planes represent design compromises that allowed each successful model in the sequence to excel at different things. The Friedrich saw a complete redesign of the wings, cooling system and fuselage aerodynamics in addition to being powered by a newer more powerful engine. Many German pilots considered the F the high-water mark of the Bf109 series. The Bf109 reduced some of the gunnery armament, and concentrated the firepower in the forward fuselage in the form of a single cannon and two machine guns. This configuration was used in later models of the Bf109. The F arrived on the scene too late to be of huge importance in the Battle of Britain, but it did make an impact throughout 1941 and beyond.


The Friedrich is represented in Angels20 by a Veteran pilot. In comparison with the earlier Bf109E, the speed range has increased to 2-4 at regular speed, and 5-6 at High Speed, making the Friedrich excellent at flying around the map and moving into position. The Manuevering scores are also excellent and quite well balanced. A 5 in each of three most important maneuvers provide the Friedrich with the ability to adapt to whatever your opponent happens to throw at you. Unfortunately, the Friedrich loses a couple of attack dice compared to the E, but is comparable to the similarly-costed Guards Yak-1. Vital armor improves by 1 from the E, and the addition of Evasion allows you to fly the Friedrich early in your turn sequence and then adapt later if your opponent attacks it. Accurate fire is a nice SA, allowing you to turn one miss that should have hit into a real hit or perhaps even a vital. The cost of 38 allows the Friedrich to fit into German builds at nearly any point level.

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