Bf 109g Gustav Ace

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Set - Number

Angels 20 - 6/31


As the war proceeded, every nation attempted to upgrade their aircraft. The Bf109F and G were upgrades from the E model, and the differences between the three planes represent design compromises that allowed each successful model in the sequence to excel at different things. The “G” was introduced in mid 1942, and differed mainly in receiving yet another new powerful engine upgrade. Later models throughout the rest of the war made adjustments such as MW-50 water injection, and high performance superchargers. The wing structure from the F was reinforced, and the cockpit received an improved internal bullet-proof windscreen, heavier armor around the fuel tank


The Gustav is represented by an Ace in Angels20. This expensive plane (50) packs the same speed and attack line as the F. Vital improves by a point to 7. Although the Gustav picks up a single point of maneuvering from the F, it has redistributed those points away from the more into Turn into the less important Dive. Still, the G is a solid aircraft with very good maneuvering scores, and the difference might not be noticed in most games. The Gustav packs three solid SAs. When diving upon the enemy, it picks up speed in the form of Fast-Dive-1. I’ll have to experiment with this SA more, but it strikes me as a good SA for escaping an enemy, for setting up an attack when you need some extra movement, and for moving quickly away after a successful attack so that you can regain position over a turn or two while looking for your next target. High Scorer is a superb SA that allows the Gustav to throw two more dice as soon as it has damaged or destroyed an enemy target. Ideally, you want to bring your Gustav into firing position quickly so that you can trigger this SA as soon as possible. Throwing 7-5-4 from a highly maneuverable and fast Ace is a sure way to clear the board of enemy planes quickly. Finally, Point-Blank gives you an extra option of making range-0 attacks should they present themselves.

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