Bohler 47mm Antitank Gun

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Contested Skies - Common - 44/45


This piece represents the main Anti tank Gun of the early war period (the other being the 37mm Bofors). In 1941 approximately 25 were found in Infantry Divisions and were normally grouped into specialized AT companies towed by Malaxa UE tractors. The Ratio in the the Divisions grew as Romanian industry started catching up with demand, even so there were never enough and by 1942 they were becoming obselete. The Germans started supplying new artillery to replace these. Production never really stopped and this unit was still found in Romanian armies in 1945, mainly used as an infantry support weapon. The Stats of the piece are fine for early war battles. To my mind the AI stats are too low as it could fire HE and be used for infantry support. The Camoflaged SA is good and handy against tanks that have good armour. Coupled with the leiutenant (giving the unit armour 4/4) makes the unit more playable.

Plastic Figure Notes:

This model is close to the real piece in looks although a little large. The colour is accurate.

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