Breda Modello 30 Lmg

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

North Africa - Uncommon - 52/60

Historical Background:

Low magazine capacity, frequent jamming and the complicated barrel-change made firing and reloading a slow and laborious process, resulting in the Breda 30 being a weapon only capable of laying down a diminutive amount of firepower and making it a very modest contributor to a firefight. When considering all of the gun's deficiencies, taken during combat when it was at its worst, the practical rate of fire of the Breda 30 could even have been comparable to a semi-automatic weapon's practical rate of fire.

- Source: Wikipedia


Can the Italians get ONE decent infantry piece without a major shortfall? Not only is the Breda very weak versus infantry (6 short-range dice won't even disrupt a 4/4 soldier half of the time), but it's covering fire only works if you are at short range. And it doesn't stop people from attacking, like the other LMGs, but only from making defensive fire! This may not be a bad thing though; as soon as you find out you put this unit on the board by accident, you'll want to avoid defensive fire as you run like hell away from the enemy.
^ WG - After card revision, ALL LMGs prevent only defensive fire . However, it is still the worst LMG of the game.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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