C 202 Folgore

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 41/60



It costs 5 points and has escort…and really that is all that matters with this unit and makes it very playable on the euro axis. When push comes to shove 6aa can work against weak foes I have vitalled swordfishes with folgores before. Yes the hurricane and warhawk are better but until the euro axis get something comparable this is what you have to work with though in some situations I have decided to go with 4 sparvs unescorted as opposed to 3 with a folgore.

This is where many inexperienced gamers will struggle. The natural tendency is to start comparing stats with a unit like the Folgore and to see it as a very weak fighter when stacked up against a Bf 109, Martlet, or Hellcat.

However, I tend to see the Folgore as a great SA for a cheap price. When escorting an attack force, stats and comparable abilities are irrelevant, all you need is the Escort ability, and I've yet to see the fleet build that couldn't stand to save 3-4 points here and there.

The only advantage the Folgore ever really had was Escort on the cheap. Now with units such as the Warhawk and the Soviet Hurricane that can escort as well provide quality air defense, for the same price, it's looking pretty bad. It does have Escort though, and if you're bringing a few Sparvieros, that's all you need. Enjoy your cheap protection from enemy fighters all game while you throw all the torpedo dice your hands can hold. Folgores are poor defensive fighters, but unfortunately, it's all the Italians have.

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