Caio Duilio

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Condition Zebra - Rare - 29/40


Laid down in 1912, Caio Duilio was launched with coal engines and 12" guns. Commissioned in 1916, she spent the rest of WWI ready to oppose the Austrians, but didn't enter combat. After the war, Caio Duilio was given several refits, the most important of which was a massive overhaul that took several years starting in 1937. The ship was lengthened by over 55 feet, the engines were replaced, and the main batteries were reduced in number while increased in size. Additionally the superstructure was drastically changed and the secondary batteries were replaced by more modern versions. It was perhaps the most extensive overhaul of any WWI battleship. Upon the entrance of Italy into WWII, Caio Duilio made a couple of sorties without making contact, then had the unfortunate luck of caught in port at Taranto by the daring British air raid of 11 November 1940. British Swordfish torpedo bombers hit Caio Duilio with only one torpedo, but the single hit caused heavy damage, knocking her out of the war for months. After repairs, she escorted convoys across the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean. Caio Duilio was present for the First Battle of Sirte (17 December 1941), but was unable to close to firing range. Afterwards fuel shortages forced her to spend the most of the remainder of the war in port.
(CZ Opening Salvo pt4)


Being slightly smaller than the average WWII battleship, Caio Duilio doesn't have the toughness to go toe to toe with the larger ships. The Covering Fire ability is best used in support of other ships. Try to keep Caio Duilio at maximum range and fire at the most dangerous enemy ship, allowing the rest of your fleet to close to finish it.
(R.B's CZ Opening Salvo pt 4)

by Lt_V

Caio Duilio is a great addition to the Italian naval forces. It is essentially a Giulio Cesare with a range 3 secondary gun for striking smaller craft [destroyers, light cruisers] and a Flag rating of '1'. The key difference between these two ships and in fact any other ships currently in the game: Covering Fire. Covering Fire allows you to target an enemy ship with the side effect that the targeted ship(s) get -1 on each attack against ships other than Caio Duilio with their next gunnery attacks. Ideally to maximize your chances of success you would want to accompany Duilio with either Ascari or Luca Tarigo so it can pop smoke to help protect Duilio.

Cover fire, a good SA is made even better when you observe the class limit for the CD and add a second ship. Note that even the secondary guns can trigger this SA, so with 2 CD's you can paint a -1 penalty on 2 enemy ships. This is is normally enough to make up for the low 7 armor.
Like the other RM battleships, this unit has range 3 secondaries, an attribute that when combined with the San G, Z 32 and escort killing euginio savoia. makes an Italian fleet surprisingly strong from that range. Dont close to within 2 on turn 2, shoot with cover fire, then move to the objectives for point blank fighting on turn 3.

This is an interesting unit. I would use it alongside one of the Venetos, using this at range against the enemy battleship(s) as support for the Veneto. The Venetos are your biggest battleships… and often need support to match up to enemy battleships of even the same price range. This seems like the perfect way to give your big battleship the edge it will probably need.

Also, keep in mind that Covering Fire works for both the main and secondary gunnery…

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