Camicia Nere

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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Another eye dropping unit. The Italians get their close escort, which will help the most with targeting as the Camicia Nere does not bring a huge AA score to the zone. 5 ASW with sub hunter is an excellent combination as well. The new special ability allows it to hit with torpedoes on 5s/6s when in the same zone as another destroyer. This is going to be a fairly regularly played destroyer. Powergaming Grade: A

one of the best destroyers in the game…and its Italian! This unit brings a whole new dimension to the Italians which is DD torp swarm, playing this unit 3 to a sector or 2 to a sector with an ascari opens up some really eye opening torp dice rolls that are comparable to the vaunted Saumaurez. This is a unit so good you could theoretically play a force of just Camicia Nere's and be very competitive! Another use is teaming it with a Eugenia then having a trento join up for a 3 unit sector that can grab an objective on the second turn back it up with BB's behind to clear out any contesting ships and you have an interesting combo/strategy.

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