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Set - Rarity - Number

All Hands on Deck - N/A- 69/72


Canarias was the flagship of the Nationalist Navy and sank 34 ships including the Spanish Republican Navy destroyer Almirante Ferrándiz during the Battle of Cape Espartel, and the Soviet merchant Komsomol off Oran, both in the second half of 1936. Canarias was the main player of the Battle of Cape Machichaco on 5 March 1937, when the Basque Auxiliary Navy naval trawler Nabarra was destroyed. She also damaged the destroyer José Luis Díez forcing her to seek refuge at Gibraltar on 29 August 1938. Canarias captured the Republican liner Mar Cantábrico, which was later converted to an auxiliary cruiser. During World War II she took part in the search for survivors from the German battleship Bismarck in May 1941.

The cruiser remained in commission (due to several repair and refit periods) as the fleet flagship throughout her career. A major refit was planned for Canarias around 1973 to further extend the vessel's life, but a survey of her condition (conducted with help of US Navy personnel) concluded she was too old and obsolete to warrant the work. She was decommissioned in 1975 and then sold for scrap in 1977, but was able to steam under her own power to the scrapyard


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