Carro Armato M11 39

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Set - Rarity - Number

North Africa - Uncommon - 54/60


The M11/39 was developed as a "breakthrough tank" (Carro di Rottura). The design of the M11/39 was influenced by the British Vickers 6-Ton. This influence is reflected particularly in the track and suspension design. One innovative aspect of the design was the placement of the final reduction gears inside the front-mounted drive sprockets, eliminating the need for enlarged final drive housings in the bow armor.

The M11/39's career was cut short due to several weaknesses of its design. The most important was the placement of the main 37 mm armament in the hull. The 37 mm gun was in a fixed position with traverse restricted to 15° to port or starboard. The only other armament was the dual 8 mm machine guns in a rotating turret. While only one man operated the machine guns, the turret was small with manual controls.

The concept was to use the main gun against heavy targets and defend the tank against all-round threats with the turret armament. The layout was similar to the American Grant/Lee tanks, still to come in 1939. The original intent was to place the 37/L40 mm armament in the turret, but there was insufficient space. A redesign of the M11/39, in order to mount the main gun in the turret, was commenced, finally resulting in the development of the Carro Armato M13 40. In the meantime an order for 100 M11s was placed.

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By Tech_Hawk

The M11/39 was the first in the series of medium tanks developed by the Italians after the Spanish civil war showed them that there light tanks the L3 was not up to the job. This explains the poor weapon placement, as they had little experience with cannon armed tanks before this and they rushed this into production. For those who think the gun size is silly just remember that this medium tank was developed in 1939 at that stage Germany main tanks were the panzer III with a 37mm main gun and the Pzkpfw 38t with a 37mm gun also, although the 38t did end up classed as a light tank later. This interim tank shares many components with the later M13/40 including engine so why the negative SA on the M13.

For once the italians get a tank without a negative special rule but its there weakest medium even though its stats are light tank stats. Its main gun is good for an early war tank able to go toe to toe with other early war tanks ok but is outclassed later and its AI stats are average. Its a little slow but that doesn't really stop it being useful. I would actually consider taking it instead of the M13 for most early engagements.

Plastic Figure Notes:

By Tech_Hawk

The sculpt is nice and accurate they even bothered to put the machine guns in the turret which is good. The paint is like other Italian tank paint jobs Bland which was not always the case as crews often painted camo over the sand colours though not inaccurate.

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