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Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 3/60


Casabianca, in the hands of the Vichy government was required to disarm because of the terms of the French armistice with the victorious Germans. Her resourceful crew, however, was able to secretly arm and provision the vessel, enabling a daring escape under Nazi guns when the Germans attempted to capture the French navy. Casabianca then joined the Allied side and was used almost exclusively for secret missions supplying French resistance fighters and delivering special operations troops. Her 30 sister ships of the Le Redoutable class served on both sides during the war.


Casabianca is the most unique sub in the game, and must be used differently from other subs. Lacking a large torpedo armament and the Submerged Shot ability, Casabianca cannot target other subs, and is of only limited use in killing enemy surface ships(though she shouldn't be underestimated in the latter capacity either). While Casabianca is cheap for a submarine, it's probably only worth the cost if you are able to cash in on Secret Cargo. Despite this, don't hesitate putting a few in a pure French build, as enemies rarely expect them.

Casabianca is certainly not the best sub available since it lacks Submerged Shot but makes up for it with Run Silent. Casabianca is cheaper than most subs so take a few to "channel" your opponent to where you want him/her to be, or at least where you don't want them to go without being subjected to torpedo attacks. Place a few Casabianca's in a strategic area then let them sit still so they benefit from the Run Silent SA and all ASW attacks are at -1 each die. They are simply not a strong offensive unit but are a low-cost obstacle for your opponent to deal with so use them as such.

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