Churchill Crocodile

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Set - Rarity - Number

Base Set-Rare-8/48

Historical Background:

The Churchill was the ultimate expression of the UK's views on infantry tanks. These tanks were designed with the same principles as the World War 1 Mark IV tanks. In fact, the Churchill was originally supposed to be equipped with two main guns, each located in a casemate/sponson in the style of 1910's and 1920's tanks.

The Churchill did not enter production quickly enough to see action in the Battle of France. When trench warfare failed to materialize in France and that country was conquered by Germany, this left the hulking Churchill without a job. However the British were facing the prospect of a German invasion without superior designs ready for production, so production of the Churchill continued anyway.

The heavy and expensive Churchill was originally equipped with a 2-pounder (40mm) main gun. This proved inadequate even against the Italian tanks. With low speed, and even more importantly range, the Churchill did not appear to have much of a place in the modern battlefield.

As a result, many of the tanks were converted into specialist vehicles. Bridge layers and mine layers were construction, as well as the Churchill AVRE that we got in the D-Day set. The most combat effective specialist, however, was the Churchill Crocodile.

The Crocodile was flamethrower tank, but also carried a 75mm gun. It was intended to take out fortified infantry.

Combat History
The Crocodile was exceptionally useful for assaulting pillboxes. During the liberation of France it simply had to use the flamethrower in the general direction of enemy pillboxes to induce their occupants to surrender.
(courtesy of Johnny_Thunders)


The Crocodile is extremely tough, and its short range attacks can be brutal against anything. The downside to the Crocodile is that it is slow and has poor medium and long range attacks. (The anti-vehicle attacks aren't terrible in a vacuum, but compared to other 1944 units they leave a lot to be desired.) This is not a fun combination when facing antitank guns or tanks.

The Crocodile can either be outstanding or a waste of points depending on the match up. I've had it taken out in one shot at long range by a Nashorn (before Contested Skies) and King Tiger without making any terrible mistakes (losing initiative on open maps can lead to bad things with the Crocodile) and I've also used it to torch a Jagdtiger at close range and take out small hordes of Italian tanks and 5/5 infantry.

If you play the Crocodile, make sure you pair it with something to deal with tanks at long range.

I seem to recall that in the early days of AAM, the Croc was featured in quite a few tournament builds. But as I don't play in tournaments I don't remember any specifics. Perhaps someone here can enlighten us all.

I use it to take out jagtigers once they are damaged by air. It takes a while, but it annihalates most units. Great for forest ambushes(king tiger is adjacent to forest hex that crocdile is adjecent to, than proceeds to get flamed). Use it like the animal or to disable units that can't hit it.

The Churchill Crocodile is as tough as a mountain. It's also about as fast. I've had good luck teaming it up with Sherman Fireflies and (in higher point games) a Sherman Commander. The Fireflies have the firepower to threaten German armor at long range while the Crocodile rolls close, trying to deal with one will generally leave the other free to attack, not a great situation. Of course, this still requires plenty of cover to pull off: a Crocodile in an open field is little more than a target.

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