Combat Zone

Combat zone was a retailer kit serie designed to help store promote the Axis and Allies Miniature game.

From the WotC website:

Retailer kits are part of Combat Zone — a retail support program for Axis & Allies Miniatures. Each month, the kit refreshes and a new retailer kit is released. The retailer kits contain marketing support materials, custom hex tiles and prizes for that campaign month.
The kit contains materials to support up to twelve players for skirmish play. Since you can order up to four kits per month, we include instructions on combining kits to support many more players if necessary.
The kit is available to retailers through the Wizards of the Coast direct sales department. If your store has a group of willing DCI members as customers, the store needs to order the kits, but you are more than welcome to have interested members run your A&A Campaign events. Retailers can order up to four kits each month and each kit costs $15 US.

3 of those kits came with exclusive units reprint:

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