Condition Zebra

All hands on deck for the third expansion to the War at Sea naval miniatures game. Condition Zebra will contain 40 authentically detailed miniatures that war gamers, WWII enthusiasts, and collectors can use to assemble fleets with which to do battle on the seas of World War II. Battleships, cruisers, submarines and aircraft will help you bring the battle to your opponent. Condition Zebra will let players add to their existing navies to recreate historical battles that rage across massive 30"x 40" battle maps.

Condition Zebra details:

40 authentically detailed battleships, aircraft, destroyers & other vessels from WWII.
Unique ships—such as the USS West Virginia, IJN Suzuya, and the French Aircraft Carrier Bearn—feature their distinctive markings and camouflage.
Three new patrol bombers including the English Short Sunderland Flying Boat.
Prepainted, durable plastic—assembled and ready to play, right out of the box.
Abilities and statistics of units based on historical performance in battle.
Accuracy and detail of miniatures attracts collectors and WWII enthusiasts.

Release Date: June 2010


  1. Ca HMCS Uganda Cruiser U
  2. Fr Bearn Carrier R
  3. Fr D.520 Aircraft C
  4. Fr Lamotte-Piquet Cruiser U
  5. Fr Provence Battleship R
  6. Fr V-156F Vindicator Aircraft C
  7. Gr Giorgios Averoff Cruiser R
  8. Gr Proteus Submarine C
  9. Gr Vasilissa Olga Destroyer C
  10. Nt Hr. Ms. Witte de With Destroyer C
  11. UK HMS Cossack Destroyer C
  12. UK HMS Royal Oak Battleship R
  13. UK HMS Victorious Carrier R
  14. UK Sunderland Mk. I Aircraft U
  15. US B-24D Liberator Aircraft U
  16. US USMC F4U-1A Corsair Aircraft C
  17. US USS Allen M. Sumner Destroyer C
  18. US USS Houston Cruiser R
  19. US USS Lexington Carrier R
  20. US USS S-37 Submarine C
  21. US USS West Virginia Battleship R
  22. SU Arkhangelsk Battleship R
  23. Fl Vainamoinen Cruiser U
  24. Ge Fi-167 Aircraft C
  25. Ge Gneisenau Battleship R
  26. Ge Nurnberg Cruiser U
  27. Ge Z 32 Destroyer C
  28. It Ascari Destroyer C
  29. It Caio Duilio Battleship R
  30. It Leonardo da Vinci Submarine C
  31. It Trento Cruiser R
  32. It Z506 B Airone Aircraft U
  33. Ja Agano Cruiser U
  34. Ja Chikuma Cruiser R
  35. Ja Fuso Battleship R
  36. Ja Junyo Carrier R
  37. Ja Matsu Destroyer C
  38. Ja Murasame Destroyer C
  39. Ja N1K1-J "George" Aircraft C
  40. Ja Suzuya Cruiser R
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