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Condition Zebra - Common - 3/40


The Dewoitine D.520 was a French fighter aircraft that saw action during World War II. Armament consisted of one 20 mm cannon in the prop hub and four 7.5 mm machine guns in the wings.

Performance-wise, the D.520 could perform almost as well as the German BF-109 , despite being slower, it was more maneuverable than Germany's main fighter.

However, what kept the 520 from greatness was its low production number, as only 437 units were built before the French were forced to surrender.

Under the Vichy regime, the 520s were used by Vichy pilots against the Allies, mostly during the Syria-Lebannon Campaign in which they gained about 31 kills against the British and Australians.

During Operation Torch, the first Allied landing of the War into Africa, Vichy 520s engaged F4F Wildcats from the American aircraft carrier USS Ranger CV-4. One was claimed to be shot down, and others destroyed by American bombing attacks.

A small number of 520s also saw service with the Free French, Bulgaria, Germany, and Italy.

After WWII, the remaining 520s were retained as trainers by the French.


The D.520 is a solid, well priced fighter for the French. It compares well to the Martlet, but if your game type allows, spending an extra point for a Wildcat might be the better choice. Also be very aware of the fact that you cannot escort with the D.520, so think of it more as an "aggressive defense". If you are thinking about taking two D.520 for an open Allied fleet … a Wildcat and a Hurricane will cost the same, but do more for you, if you have attack craft to protect from enemy CAP.

Tincancaptain: (after Condition Zebra)
If the BF-109 is the Wildcat of Europe then the D.520 is the Zero. Nimble needs errata but I expect that‟s already in the works. 7.5/10

Herky80: (after Condition Zebra)
Before 1941, the Dewoitine is the only Allied fighter option and it is both well-priced and effective with the same stats as the A6M2 Zeke. However, it lacks Escort and would be an inferior choice to the Martlet if you have Vindicators in your fleet.

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