D4Y3 "Judy"

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Battle Line - N/A- 59/72




D4Y3 JUDY: A surprising addition over say a mavis, the Judy is sort of a Helldiver lite option for the Japanese against carriers. High speed bomber is essentially light defensive armament , I think the question here is do you think High speed bomber and an extra dice against carrier is worth 1 point more then Press the Attack? In my experience escort helps quite a bit already against fighters (though having more armor is always a good thing) making ship AA the biggest threat for aborting bombers so in that sense I would prefer Press the Attack. Your limited to a late year limit anyways but if your taking this over the other Judy your taking it with the hope that your going to be able to get through and the extra die against carriers will result in you vitalling them. All things considered I think the old Judy with press the attack will land more hits over the length of the game then this new one.

3 Stars

Plastic Figure Notes:

Use the D4YI "Judy" (Task Force)

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