D4Y1 Judy

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Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 51/60


The Japanese D4YI Suisei, allied code name: Judy, was one of Japan's fastest dive bombers. It was built to replace the aging D3A Val. It was armed with twin 7.7 machine guns in the nose, and a 7.92 machine gun for the rear gunner. The Judy was unique, for it featured an internal bomb bay, allowing for much heavier bombs to be carried.

However, problems with the aircraft's engine early on placed the Judy into reconaissance roles until the engine could be replaced with a more reliable one. Finally, the Judy received a more trustworthy engine, but this engine taxed the aircraft's range and hampered visibility of the nose from the cockpit.
Despite these issues, the Judy was quite successful as a dive bomber. It was an aircraft of this tupe that sank the light carrier USS Princeton, and Judys also damaged many other carriers.

The Judy also saw use as a kamikaze aircraft, alongside the Zero.


Pound for pound Judy is arguably the best attack plane in the game, at least outside of the incomparable Avenger. She does everything you want a dive bomber to do for a relatively modest price.

Her 5/8 armor matches up with the Dauntless. And she carries that indispensible dive bomber SA, Press the Attack.

Her 9 bomb-load is a bit on the light side, but if you've been reading the Wiki, you aren't going to deploy her without backup from Shokaku, Emily and possibly Tone, giving you a 12-13 die bomb attack. Enough to make even the US battleships take notice.

Judys: don't construct a Japanese air build without them.

I am of the belief that Japanese torpedo bombers are superior to Japanese dive bombers under most circumstances. As such, I'm not exactly a huge fan of Judys. However, taking one or two in an air build wouldn't be a bad idea. They aren't going to get through a battleship's armor very often (at least, not with some big and expensive upgrades), but they can be very effective against destroyers, cruisers, and carriers (especially carriers like the USS Lexington).

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