Do. 217 E

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

First Strike - N/A - 45/72



Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
The Dornier 217 E is a nice extension of the Kondor’s ASM onto a sturdier frame. You’re now a 4-8 bomber with 5 armor against enemy fighters. Germany can now bring several of these to place first and escorted to draw out enemy fighters, and only then bring a few Kondors that can be placed outside of the enemy fighter umbrella, and lastly bring the Sea Dragon to move along submarines from the fringes. The land-base should be full regularly in German submarine games, even without help from the Italians or from overstepping the unit limits as happens in the KoD fleet. The unit is probably less power-gamish than the Kondor since the main benefit of the Kondor is the ability to swarm cheaply at 6 points. An important difference is that when you’ve used the bombs on the Do217 to clear away enemy destroyers, you can turn around and use the torpedoes against enemy BBs, making it simultaneously useful against BB fleets. These will see regular use. Overall Grade: B

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