Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Rare - 4/60


Dunkerque and her only sister Strasbourg were scaled-down battleships designed to destroy enemy cruisers and specifically the 'pocket battleships' of the Germans, a role they would have succeeded in admirably. Unlike earlier battlecruisers like the British Hood, which sacrificed armor for speed, keeping a large main armament, the Dunkerque's armor and armament were scaled down together, creating a more balanced design. Further weight was saved by installing the main armament in two quadruple turrets, both located in the bow, a feature copied later in the Richelieu class. After the French surrender, both ships suffered heavy damage at the hands of the British at Mers el Kebir, and even more sadly, were both scuttled with much of the rest of the French fleet in Toulon to avoid German capture.


Dunkerque's most outstanding statistic is her cost; at a svelte 36 points, she is one of the cheapest Allied battleships. While she does only have four hull points, her armor is high enough to escape most damage from cruiser guns, and Torpedo Defense often keeps Dunkerque in the game in a torpedo-rich environment. In all, she's good enough on defense that you can use it to deny objectives, hopefully long enough to allow other friendly units a chance to do some damage. In a pure French build, pair her with Richelieu for extra anti-air protection and to target any smaller enemy vessels. Don't forget to use Excellent Spotting to its fullest extent.

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