Elite A6m2 Zero

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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
The original Zero needed some help to keep it competitive with the USN. Agility allows the Elite Zero to have the best fighter VA against enemy fighters, thus keeping it in the game longer. Escort was a fault on the A6M5, but is handled adequately here. Excellent Endurance allows you to fly the Elite Zeros much more often than standard land-based planes, and to do interesting dances between your land-base and carriers, giving you an excellent chance of doing more with less, which is a strategic consideration for the Japanese. Ace is mathematically slightly superior to Surprise but not by very much. The Elite Zero certainly does not obsolete the original Zero, which was already mathematically speaking, substantially better than its reputation on the forums, but it does offer a more survivable escort/interceptor without having to pay 11 points for a George. Powergaming Grade: B


When building a IJN fleet the base set zero and Elite zero should always be the majority fighters on your force with excellent SA's , compatibility with EDF 1 and 2, cheap point cost they obsolete the A6m5 and George in most situations. The only role the George is better at is escorting and taking shots at the fighters who are coming after your bombers but even then your paying alot of points for something that if it works is only going to splash a 7-14 point fighter.

Not to mention the george is landbased as opposed to all the zero's/zekes to run Georges each turn you need to invest 22 points which is more then a soryu or 26points for a base set 1 + a soryu………….I rest my case.

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