Eugenio Di Savoia

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Uncommon - 42/60



The Di Savoia is an excellent cruiser and often finds board time in most Italian fleets. Her two SAs take a very weak unit and turn it into a fairly strong one. Escort Killer lets her fight like two light Cruisers (great when keeping destroyers off your subs or away from your battleships) and Establish screen lets you bring along either a Pegaso (any destroyer) to hunt enemy subs or a Zara (or any cruiser) to duel with opposing cruisers. In a combined German/Italian fleet, consider pairing Di Savoia's with Kolns for a great blitz towards objectives.

Koln+Establish screen SA is not a legal set up move - but using every fast ship you can find is! Establish Screen is a great SA that works well with so many other RM units, for an objective blitz or many other tactics, that the Eugenio Savoia is a staple in any RM build. The class limit of 2 means you will never bring many, but her sister ship is so weak, it's no contest as to which sister you go to the dance with.

Weak Guns at range 3 are a major draw back, I have shot at, and missed, destroyers at this range all to often, so don't get to confident that 2 EdSav = 2 dead DD's every turn. Beware of the limits of Escort killer as well; you need to shoot at 2 different targets. I often fire these ships first, and see what needs clean up afterwards with unrestricted guns.

Just a short list of ships that benefit from the EdSav's establish screen:
Ascari or any smoke maker - 100% screen, not just 33% concealment, if you are behind (not in) the smoke.
Get a step up on the sub hunt with a Pegaso
Fear the slow role ? start one step ahead with the San Giorgio
want to push back, get the Garibaldi out front
Ram any sub that dares to cruise onto your 'side' of the board 1 space sooner with Vivaldi.

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