F6F 3 Hellcat

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Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 19/60


The F6F Hellcat was the United States Navy's replacement for the F4F Wildcat fighter. The Navy finally had a fighter capable of besting the Imperial Japanese Navy's A6M2 Zeke and A6M5 Zeke.

Featuring a more powerful engine, six .50 caliber machine guns, and again good armor protection, the Hellcat delivered a heavy blow to Japanese air power. Many of the US Navy's aces were made using this fighter.

The Hellcat served with distinction throughout the war, achieving a kill ratio of unprecedented proportions. In addition, the Hellcat also could be loaded up with bombs and unguided rockets, making it a good fighter-bomber.


The Hellcat is a great fighter for US carrier builds. It is such a good fighter, it is claimed by many to be "overpowered".

The unit was issued with a vital armor of 10, but this proved so hard to reach, and the Hellcat so dominant, that it was revised down to 9 by the game's designer. There is no question that the Hellcat is a beast of a unit and is very useful for paring down the enemy's fighters, but in some situations it's not that much better than its predecessor the Wildcat. I like a mix of the two units, Hellcats for escorting the bombers forward and taking on enemy fighters and Wildcats for defense where the Defend the Flattop SA often makes them the equal of the Hellcat.

In my experience Ive found the hellcat a deadly interceptor. However, I don't agree with the errata because when I did use it it was plagued to destruction. In my experience the Bombers can be handled by shipborne AA, if you go for the fighters you can't fail.

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