Fi 167

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Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Common - 24/40


A biplane torpedo bomber somewhat similar to the Fairey Swordfish, the Fi-167 is one piece of one of the more interesting "what-ifs" of the naval war. It was designed to serve aboard the Graf Zeppelin and future carriers envisioned in Germany's Z Plan to expand the Kriegsmarine in the early '40s. Despite its ungainly appearance, it was a very competent design, exceeding its performance and payload requirements. It also had outstanding landing characteristics and could land almost vertically in the right conditions, such as a carrier's headwind. However, when construction of Graf Zeppelin was put on hold, the Fieseler's reason for being was no longer apparent and only a dozen aircraft were ever built.
(Taken from R.B's CZ Opening Salvo pt 3)


As you might expect, the Fi-167's purpose is to provide Germany with a carrier-borne torpedo bomber. Since Graf Zeppelin only carries two squadrons, you'll probably have to decide between carrying the Fi-167 and the Ju 87B Stuka; torpedo bombers are better against fleets with battleships and submarines, while dive bombers do better against fleets containing cruisers and destroyers. The Fi-167 is more robust than a Swordfish, but it has no business attacking high-AA targets without the cover of more attacking squadrons or flying without fighter cover in the face of enemy fighters.
(From R.B. CZ Opening Salvo pt 3)

A unit that reminds many players of the disgusting Kate, the Fi-167 has a very good torpedo attack but is easily aborted, has terrible vital armor, and is expensive to boot. Rich Baker's review above suggets to either base aboard Graf Zeppelin a BF 109 with the very vulnerable Stuka or the expensive and even more vulnerable Fi-167; you are better off taking two of the fighters that will likely live to see the second half of your match.

Don't use this unit EVER. Weak armor and VA plus a very high cost make this absolutely useless. Germany's U-boats are much better choices for destroying an enemy battleship.

Tincancaptain:(after Condition Zebra)
Decent plane but not needed by Germany at all. 5.5/10

Herky80:(after Condition Zebra)
This unit makes larger early-war games possible with another air option for Germany.

Plastic Figure Notes:

A nice sculpt, very similar to the Swordfish.
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