Finland in Axis and Allies miniatures

Historical Background:

Winter War
On Nov. 30, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Finland with more than 400,000 troops. The assault was almost three times larger than the Allied landing at Normandy. Soviet Leningrad, a city of five million, by itself contained more people than the entire country of Finland. As the world’s largest infantry force, the Red Army marched across the border with resolve. It looked like a decisive victory for Stalin. Instead, the Winter War became one of the USSR’s most shocking defeats. A Finnish army just a third the size of the Soviet force slowed and bloodied the invaders until a peace deal ended the war. The war ended on March 13th, 1940 when Helsinki and Moscow signed an armistice. Having largely held back the USSR, Finland sacrificed some territory for an end to the fighting.

- Source: War is Boring Blog

Continuation War

With the start of Operation Babarossa, where Germany invaded the Soviet Union, the piece treaty was scrapped as Finland was allied with Germany.


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Units represented in Axis and Allies miniatures:


Vehicles - Tank:

Vehicles - Tank Destroyers:

Soldier - Commander:


Early War: Finnish Ski Troop and T-26E light tank
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