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Finland's navy was much smaller than most other navies during the time of World War II. As such, the Finnish Navy was best suited for coastal defense and minelaying/screening.


The Finnish Navy operated the following vessels in the Baltic Sea:
2 coastal defence ships (Ilmarinen and Väinämöinen)
5 submarines (Vesihiisi, Iku-Turso, Vetehinen, Vesikko and Saukko)
4 gunboats (Turunmaa, Karjala, Uusimaa and Hämeenmaa)
7 motor torpedo boats (2 Sisu-class, 1 Isku-class, 4 Syöksy-class)
1 minelayer (Louhi)
8 minesweepers (6 Ahven-class, 2 Rautu-class)
1 training ship Suomen Joutsen
On Lake Ladoga, the Finns operated:
1 icebreaker (Aallokas)
1 gunboat (Aunus)
1 minelayer (Yrjö)
1 tug (Vakava)
2 motor boats (S 1 and N. K. af Klercker)
The navy also had several auxiliary warships, ice-breakers and patrol boats from the Coast Guard.

In War at Sea, Finland would be best viewed as a support nation for Germany. The B-239 Buffalo provides a cheap effective fighter while Vainamoinen provides the bad weather fighter SA, good gunnery, and AA7 for a small cost.

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