Finland (WAS)

Finland's navy was much smaller than most other navies during the time of World War II. As such, the Finnish Navy was best suited for coastal defense and minelaying/screening.


The Finnish Navy operated the following vessels in the Baltic Sea:
2 coastal defence ships (Ilmarinen and Väinämöinen)
5 submarines (Vesihiisi, Iku-Turso, Vetehinen, Vesikko and Saukko)
4 gunboats (Turunmaa, Karjala, Uusimaa and Hämeenmaa)
7 motor torpedo boats (2 Sisu-class, 1 Isku-class, 4 Syöksy-class)
1 minelayer (Louhi)
8 minesweepers (6 Ahven-class, 2 Rautu-class)
1 training ship Suomen Joutsen
On Lake Ladoga, the Finns operated:
1 icebreaker (Aallokas)
1 gunboat (Aunus)
1 minelayer (Yrjö)
1 tug (Vakava)
2 motor boats (S 1 and N. K. af Klercker)
The navy also had several auxiliary warships, ice-breakers and patrol boats from the Coast Guard.

In War at Sea, Finland would be best viewed as a support nation for Germany. The B-239 Buffalo provides a cheap effective fighter while Vainamoinen provides the bad weather fighter SA, good gunnery, and AA7 for a small cost.

Coast Defense Vessel:


Torpedo Boats:


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