Fw 190a

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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
This stellar German plane is land-limited like the Hurricane and George, but it also shares the unique mix of being an Interceptor with Advanced Fighter-2. As we saw with the A6M5, these abilities don’t tend to mix very well in practice. As an advanced fighter that is land-limited, the FW190A rolls 10 dice. But thanks to where these dice occur on the probability curve, the overall effect is not that impressive and won’t reliably down a lot of enemy fighters. The best time to use advanced fighter is when you’re escorting. Essentially this means that you pay 2 more points for the FW190 over the Bf109, while only picking up an AA die that cannot be further buffed. Since Germany is limited on the number of Expert Dogfighters they can give to the Bf109s, the extra AA die will help slightly, but the FW190A is not any more durable than the Bf109 (VA9). As a powergaming buy, the Bf109 will in almost all cases be more point efficient, but there will be times to sprinkle 1-2 FW190s into the German fleet. Powergaming Grade: C-

Overcosted by around 1 point it plays second fiddle to the Graf Zeppelin + 2 bf 109 combo. If the game see's the introduction of a airbase installation that can send out 190's without rearming and can boost there AA with a SA then this position may change. If your not using the 109's or your GZ is filled to capacity there maybe be spots for a 190 or 2 in your fleet.

This is how I see it…

Graf Zeppelin with 2 BF 109E's is 32 points, whereas 4 of these would be 36 points… These will have a higher AA value (both with 8, as opposed to one with 8 and one with 7) as well as Advanced Fighter, higher armor, the loss of one aircraft is not quite so crippling as it would be with the BF 109s, and you won't have to take the Graf Zeppelin, which your opponent may very well decide to blast right out from under your Bf 109s, leaving you with two weaker fighters (assuming neither were destroyed either as a result of battle or because the GZ was destroyed) that now have to use the land base anyway.

Aside from patrol bombers, Germany has few attack aircraft worth bringing… As far as I'm concerned, that makes these the better option when looking for aircover. However, the lack of escort clearly makes the GZ with two Bf 109s the way to go if you need to escort any Ju 88As or Kondors.

Plastic Figure Notes:


No propellors makes me sad, why change whats been done on the dozens of other aircraft sculpts? Still, not a bad paint finish and decals are ok.

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