Fw 190A3/U3

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Battle Line - N/A- 43/72




FW190/A3/U3: This FW190 brings a powerful fighter bomber combo to the axis while it is no carrier corsair it isn't going to cost you near that level of investment points wise between the planes or carrier. 8AA with interceptor may be expensive for 11 points but if you need to use it in that role those are good AA stats making it a more worthwhile fighter then the Re-2001 or Firefly. The real kicker is the 6 armor it has as a bomber Germany in general lacks bombers that are durable against both ships and fighters so this gives them a very effective bomber that can tackle anything short of a battleship. Its only weakness to its counterparts is that it is limited to the land air base or forward airstrip and ineligible for the carrier bonuses its rivals receive.

3.5 Stars

Plastic Figure Notes:

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