Fw 200 Kondor

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Uncommon - 36/64




For the Kondor, the special ability "antiship missile" basically saves the unit, so be wise in its once per game use.

Pros: Cheap, ASW ability, respectable bomb attack

Kondors are excellent support craft. The can take range one shots at most cruisers and destroyers without any fear of ship anti-air. They can boost German U-boats; and you can buy a ton of them for only 6 points a pop. Be wary of planes with SAs like "CAP" who can bushwhack your poor Kondor that you thought was setting up a "free" range one bomb attack.

Cons: Weak armor/vital and weak ASW

The biggest downside to the Kondors is that they are easy to kill. Even a Hurricane will fair well hunting these, so be careful. Also realize that without a "6" on an ASW roll you won't be hurting most subs.

I highly recommend that the wary German player escort these when you can, and always place them last if you want them to survive. I have found them most useful in eliminating enemy DDs early in a game and then enhancing my U-boats later in a game… just be very wary of their placement (don't let a San Diego, Fencer, or similar unit, catch you by surprise)

Missiles came late in the war, but you can have them on this 1941 piece, a range 1, 9 dice attack for a stupidly ridiculous 6 points! Take a bunch of these and you'll wreck his whole fleet on the first turn, take a few 109's and they'll get through, enough punch to vital a dd or cruiser. Who cares if they get shot down, they're 6 points!
If that's not enough, take a few subs already buffed with wolfpack, and buff them further with your pinpoint ability.
nobody will ever play with you again!

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