Georgios Averof

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Georgios Averof (Greek: Θ/Κ Γεώργιος Αβέρωφ) is a Greek warship which served as the flagship of the Royal Hellenic Navy during most of the first half of the 20th Century. Although popularly known as a battleship (θωρηκτό), it is in fact an armored cruiser (θωρακισμένο καταδρομικό), and the only such ship still in existence.

An immensely rich business-man and philanthropist, Georgios Averof (1815-1899) offered in his will 2,500,000 Gold Francs to fund part of the cost of a modern fighting ship. 12 years after his death, Greece bought from Italy a Pisa class armoured cruiser that was named after its sponsor. I doubt there has ever been a ship with more importance for a nation, as Georgios Averof fought off almost single-handedly the whole Turkish navy in the battles of Elli (1912) and Limnos (1913). During both battles, the ship suffered only slight damage, while inflicting severe damage to several Turkish ships. That earned it the nickname “devil ship” from the Turks, but more significantly allowed the Greeks to gain control of the Aegean Sea and liberate its islands. Amazingly, due to delays in the delivery of ammunition, Georgios Averof had fired its guns for the first time during the Battle of Elli.

In 1941, Averof’s crew disobeyed the orders to scuttle the ship to avoid capture by the Germans and sailed to Crete under constant threat of air strikes. In 1941-42, it was as-signed to convoy escort and patrol duties in the Indian Ocean. Later, it was anchored at Port Said and on October 17, 1944, as the flagship of the exiled Hellenic Navy, it carried the Greek government-in-exile back to liberated Athens.
By the outbreak of World War II its speed had dropped from the original 23 to 17 knots, which in WAS should be speed 1. I can’t blame WoTC for not knowing this though. You need to visit Averof to find out about such details. Luckily you can do so, as Averof is a floating museum in Athens.


Reviews: You will love it. its Greek

The Georgios Averof is an OK cruiser at 17 points. She has Flag-1, decent mains with almost equal secondaries and AA-6. What helps her out is the Inspiring Example SA. Deploy Proteus subs forward as normal. Use the Chase SA on the Vasilissa Olga's to get them in front of the GA's, then close on the objectives. Once your opponent is in range of the Proteus's, Vasilissa Olga's, and the Georgios Averof use the Inspiring Example to boost the Vasilissa Olga's torp attacks to 3/3/2. Use Proteus's Risky Attack to gain more torps and open up a can of surprise on your opponent. This requires some timing and luck but can really pay off when your opponent loses half his fleet to Greek torpedoes!

I am not sure if all of the above review is legal. "Inspiring Example" says that it boosts ships, and per the rules submarines are not ships.

It is legal, but you are right. He was referring to the Proteus's "Risky shot"

Tincancaptain: (after Condition Zebra)
What can I say other then poor Schleswig-Holstein, Averof‟s main gunnery is a little lower, secondaries are a little better, armor, vital, and hull are all the same Averof lacks Holstein`s point blank torpedo but has better AA, slow 2 instead of speed 1, a flag rating (Really? The French had to wait four sets and the Greeks get it out the door?!?) , and I know that Inspiring Example will see infinitely more use then Shore Support. All this Averof has over Holstein yet costs 4 points less. I think RB got paid off by someone :cough:ND:cough: for this unit to be this good. 4/10 (for being broken)

Herky80: (after Condition Zebra)
Can‟t say I really agree with my counterpart here, except for the comparison to S-H. The 6 armor makes me feel good inside and will be an effective counter to Italian ships, both the under-gunned battleships and plethora of cruisers they have. Greek-Italian matchups should be fun now.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Very nice sculpt with lots of detail. Looks great repainted.

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